Army Careers 12N – Horizontal Development Engineer

The Army is often finishing hundreds of development projects and Heavy Development Gear Operators are integral to that process. Airfields, roads, dams and buildings can’t be created without having moving tons of earth and creating supplies or making concrete and asphalt. Construction tools operators use bulldozers, cranes, graders and other hefty equipment to comprehensive these kinds of projects. Development Tools Operators are responsible for operating crawler and wheeled tractors with dozer attachments, scoop loader, backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, motorized grader and towed or self-propelled scraper. Some of your duties as a Building Tools Operator might consist of: -Interpret data on grade stakes, placing or replacing grade stakes -Drive bulldozers, roadgraders, and other hefty gear to reduce and level earth for runways and roadbeds -Clear, grub, strip, excavate, backfill, stockpile and push scraper with tractor crawler -Reduce and spread fill material with scraper -Transport heavy development equipment with tractor-trailer -Help in overall performance of combat engineer missions -Lift and move steel and other heavy building materials making use of winches, cranes, and hoists -Dig holes and trenches employing power shovels

15 Responses to “Army Careers 12N – Horizontal Development Engineer”

  • 610colab:

    April 23rd start bct at benning and in july start ait at leonardwood

  • Kaila Purcey:

    I am!! May 15

  • methedestroyer911:

    @smith yeah man I just got this mos also. I will be at ft. Lwood same time you will. Bt at benning though.

  • Glong09:

    @smith1234588 hahaha dont get too excited when you go to ait, ft lenord wood is boring. you will do everything there is to do in one weekend. yes you will get pass on weekends. i was in alpha company ALL STEEL. operating is fun but if your active like me and you get stationed then you wont do alot of operating (not until you get deployed)

  • smith1234588:

    I just got this MOS, Fort Sill 05222012 for BCT, then to Fort Leonard Wood for AIT. I’m pretty excited!

  • bkzfinest40:

    Just got this MOS pretty hyped!

  • GtGhostG8:

    I might be doing this also. 20120731

  • ericblazier19:

    @ericblazier19 but*

  • ericblazier19:

    @lolpantsification same here nut i leave the 30th of this month. 6 days and ill be at jackson

  • lolpantsification:

    Just signed for this MOS today, ship to Fort Jackson 20120625 for BCT and then it’s off to Fort Leonard Wood for AIT, can’t wait!!

  • lilrog0909:

    Update guys 21E & 21J = 12N Horizontal Construction Engineer aka “12Super Echo” oh yeah I stilll wanna be a civil engineer. Knowing this makes me even happy to hear I will learn even more skills

  • 27Mulisha:

    @lilrog0909 well i chose this MOS mainly because it was the best of the options i had to choose from, but i gues its all right as long as i get my foot in the door. im going to see what options they have when i talk to the career counseler at meps this weekend but if everything stays how it is now then i will be shipping 20120702

  • lilrog0909:

    @27Mulisha This is also a go job if you are seeking employment with the government if your not afford of working overseas

  • lilrog0909:

    @27Mulisha The whole enjoyable concept IDK because I haven’t got trained yet, but what notice is a lot of people that get this MOS are either Colorblind, Average or below average Asvab(Line Score), They failed a previous MOS, or they just simply want to do this! I hear you spend a lot of time doing maintenance & cross training into other MOS like Masonry, Concrete, & Heavy equipment repairer. By all means of you are not doing a combat MOS pick something you can in the Civilian world

  • lilrog0909:

    @27Mulisha I took this job because I am colorblind so I did a little talking among other Horizontal Engineers. They express how much they like their jobs but they all mention that getting a associate degree in (Civil, Mechanical, or structural) Engineering would do wonders in the civil world including this training. So my realistic goal is to earn an Associates in Civil Eng & when I reach E-4 or E-5 I’m putting in a request to ROTC BSn Civil Eng come back in as Officer.

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