let the record talk for itself (channel 4, deal two, mascot of the ass-hots, dance card)

allow the record communicate for itself (channel 4, deal 2, mascot of the ass-hots, dance card)
contractors needed

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Okay, Golem, you may possibly go back in your box. The Dybbuk is gone. If anybody wishes to question the Oracle, let the record talk for itself.

Deal Recap:

The common guidelines for playing Titanomaxia with the Cosmic Tribe are offered elsewhere but here’s a quick checklist of my scorecard abbreviations.

Player positions (counter-clockwise): I=Initiate, M=Medium, D=Dealer.

Canonical hierarchy of the deck, from higher to low in every single component:

Cosmic Tribe:
Disks/Earth and Cups/Water = &Omega &Psi &Upsilon &Pi T 9 8 7 six 5 four 3 2 A
Swords/Air and Wands/Fire = &Omega &Psi &Upsilon &Pi A two three four five six 7 eight 9 T

Anglo-French equivalent:
Diamonds/Pentacles and Hearts/Chalices = K Q N J T 9 eight 7 six 5 4 3 2 A
Spades/Pikes and Clubs/Rods = K Q N J A two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 T

Trumps (Void, Aether):
TITAN=21, 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 ten 9 8 7 6 five four three 2, one=WIZARD

Excused (Joker, Fool): =DEMON

Scoring Tricky Points:

face cards (Cosmic Tribe/ ~ Anglo-English equivalent):
&Omega Archon ~ King +four factors
&Psi Psion ~ Queen +3 factors
&Upsilon Upsilon ~ kNight +2 points
&Pi Pion ~ Jack +1 point

terminal Important cards:
TITAN ~ quantity 21 highest unassailable of trumps +4 points
WIZARD ~ amount 1 lowest ace of trumps +four factors
DEMON ~ amount excused joker unsuitable +4 points

all pip cards (Ace thru 10 in all 4 suits) and all non-Essential trumps (2 thru 20 in the void) = + factors

each and every tierce (every single triplet of cards) = +one point

Scansion of the Dance Card:

Ultimate Saga of Titanomaxia tournaments: 9th initiation with these players.

Tournament interval = Channel four = fourth configuration of these players positions.

Deal quantity two of this channel = 2nd hand on which these players find a bid through this tournament. (Note: two soft-shuffles were essential to generate this distribution of cards, and to randomly establish our Mascot of the Asss-Hotsss.)

Initiate= [DEMON] , [TITAN] 21 twenty 19 17 14 twelve one [WIZARD]
Earth: T A
Fire: &Upsilon 3 5 six
Water: 9 eight 7 two A
Air: &Psi &Upsilon two 8 9

Medium= 16 15 eleven 10 7 four two
Earth: &Psi &Pi 6 3
Fire: &Psi &Pi 9
Water: [Archon] &Omega &Pi T six five three
Air: &Pi 3 six 7

Dealer= 9 eight six five 3
Earth: [Archon] &Omega &Upsilon 8 7 five four
Fire: [Archon] &Omega A 2 4 7 8 T
Water: &Psi &Upsilon four
Air: A 4 T

Bidding: Initiate = &quotTAKE&quot. Medium = &quotPass&quot. Dealer = &quotPass&quot.

PROGNOSTICATION: Bitch = Void 18 Moon, Air &Omega Archon, Void 13 Death, Earth 9, Earth two, Air 5.

Contractor secretly discards: Water 7 2 A 8 9, Fire 6. (end of PROGNOSTICATION.)

Contractor’s rearranged cards:
Initiate= [DEMON] , [TITAN] 21 20 19 18 17 14 13 twelve 1 [WIZARD]
Earth: T 9 2 A
Fire: &Upsilon three five
Water: [void]
Air: [Archon] &Omega &Psi &Upsilon 2 five 8 9

No mention of SLAM (chelem), no mention of HANDFUL (poignée).

Trick A: I= Air &Omega Archon. M= Air 6. D= Air 10.
contract +5 = five points.

Trick B: I= Air &Psi Psion. M= Air 7. D= Air 4.
contract 5 +four = 9 factors.

Trick C: I= Air &Upsilon Upsilon. M= Air 3. D= Air Ace.
contract 9 +three = 12 points.

Trick D: I= Air 5. M= Air &Pi Pion. D= void, 3 trumps, Producer (finish of INITIATION).
defense +2 = two factors.

Trick E: D= Fire two. I= Fire five. M= Fire &Psi Psion.
defense two +4 = 6 points.

Trick F: M= Earth &Pi Pion. D= Earth 5. I= Earth 9.
defense six +two = eight factors.

Trick G: M= Fire &Pi Pion. D= Fire Ten. I= Fire &Upsilon Upsilon.
contract 12 +4 = 16 factors.

Trick H: I= Air 2. M= void, four trumps Director. D= void, five overtrumps, Seer.
defense 8 +1 = 9 points.

Trick I: D= Fire Ace. I= Fire three. M= Fire 9.
defense 9 +one = 10 points.

Trick J: D= Fire 4. I= void, 13 trumps, Death. M= void, 16 overtrumps, Tower.
defense ten +one = eleven factors.

Trick K: M= Earth &Psi Psion. D= Earth &Upsilon Upsilon. I= Earth two.
defense eleven +6 = 17 points.

Trick L: M= Earth 6. D= Earth eight. I= Earth Ten.
contract 16 +one = 17 factors.

Trick M: I= Air 9. M= void, 2 trumps, Sorceror. D= void, 6 overtrumps, Lovers.
defense 17 +1 = 18 points.

Trick N: D= Fire 8. I= Excused , DEMON (remit Earth eight). M= void, 7 trumps, Chariot.
contract 17 +4 = 21 points.
defense 18 +1 = 19 points.

Trick O: M= Earth 3. D= Earth 7. I= Earth Ace.
defense 19 +1 = 20 points.

Trick P: D= Earth four. (Optimization starts for DESTINY) I= void, twelve trumps, Hanged Guy. M= void, 15 overtrumps, Devil.
defense twenty +one = 21 points.

Trick Q: M= Water 10. D= Water &Upsilon Upsilon. (SCOOP becomes unstoppable) I= void, twenty trumps, Portal to Hyperspace.
contract 21 +3 = 24 factors.

Trick R: I= Aether 21, TITAN. M= Aether 10, Wheel. D= Aether eight, Balance.
contract 24 +5 = 29 points.

Trick S: I= Aether 19, Sun. M= Aether 11, Power. D= Aether 9, Hermit.
contract 29 +one = 30 factors.

Trick T: I= Aether 17, Star. M= Water three. D= Water 4.
contract 30 +1 = 31 factors.

Trick U: I= Aether 14, Art. M= Water five. D= Fire 7.
contract 31 +one = 32 points.

Trick V: I= Aether 18, Moon. M= Water six. D= Water &Psi Psion.
contract 32 +four = 36 factors.

Trick W: (last DESTINY proceeds unchangeably) I= Air eight. M= Water &Pi Pion. D= Earth &Omega Archon.
contract 36 +six = 42 points.

Trick X: I= Aether one, WIZARD. M= Water &Omega Archon. D= Fire &Omega Archon (concluding DESTINY).
contract 42 +13 = 55 points.

Tierces Y and Z (DISCARDS): Water 7, Water 2, Water Ace Water eight, Water 9, Fire six.
contract 55 +two = 57 factors.

last Difficult Points: contract=57, defense=21 (57+21=78 points amongst 78 cards in the deck.)
All 3 Important terminals are favorably disposed to the Contractor, defense has none. Contractor necessary 33 target minimal, but earned 57, surplus: 57-33= +24 extra. Value of contract is 25 credits, plus +24 above target, +ten for Magick Trick (Wizard in Trick X). Contractor’s bid was &quotTAKE&quot so there are no multiplications. No mention of handful nor slam attempt.

[ ( 25 + 24 + 10 ) x 1 ] + + = +59

Each defenders debit -59 from their accounts. They the two pay the Contractor for his victory, so his account is credited:
two x 59 = +118 credits

Titanomaxia is a zero-sum game and gamers generally settle up at the finish of each and every round. A lot of gamblers exchange their credits for monetary award, but casual gamers may well desire other compensations this sort of as raspberries or breathtakingly unsafe kisses.

This ultimate~saga of Titanomaxia will attain the finish of the recent tournament following one particular more bidding. These are &quotTrilemma Supra&quot tournaments. The &quottrilemma&quot is achieved when a player accumulates all three of the Essential terminal cards on their tricky pile (titan, wizard, demon). Immediately after that occurs, they agree to play one more bid, acknowledged as the &quotsupra&quot. Then this shall comprehensive the &quottrilemma supra&quot channel, and the deck will finally be cost-free once more for hard-shuffling in between tournaments, as only soft-shuffling requires spot during the course of any channel. In this Ultimate Saga, they had previously completed their first three tournaments, and have been playing their 4th Channel right here. The trilemma is now attained throughout this 2nd deal, so the next time they discover a bid it will be the &quotsupra&quot and conclude this Channel.

(The Appendage/ AppenDix/ Dix player to be fourth among the 3~way will earn a meta-score which is related only to the game~golem and to the amusement of the Oracle.)

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