Plastering contractors. fix a hole in a Wall.

Plastering contractors, fix a Hole in a Wall. Kirk Giordano Plastering inc. (510) 521 – 9546 Hi guys, this video explains how we corrected the framing and plaster, right after breaking out the damaged stucco region where the automobile hit. I then added a few new studs wherever needed, then applied (2) layers of grade d developing paper, I then connected the 3.four Self-furring galvanized mesh wire. Following which I applied two coats of stucco with a texture finish to match the existing finish. Plastering contractors. restore a hole in a Wall. thanks for watching and have a fantastic day! kirk giordano Plastering

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  • GiordanoPlastering:

    @timedriven This is my main reason to video the work my son and I complete. It works well that my son Jason loves our trade and builds websites and enjoys taking a break from our chores to video ourselves in the process of plastering. Thank you for the accurate comment and have a groovy day!
    kirk Giordano plastering

  • GiordanoPlastering:

    @timedriven Thanks for the tips, I show my work ethics to try and explain to potential customers that I am a professional in plastering. The videos places confidence in my abilities which is a benefit to me, especially If I am to remain in the stucco business, which I enjoy.
    best wishes
    Kirk giordano plastering

  • GiordanoPlastering:

    Hey man, I have no idea what you are trying to say!

    Have a good night anyhow.

    Kirk giordano plastering.

  • timedriven:

    @thesquash61 Plus he is advertising his business to people in the market for professional service like this.

  • timedriven:

    @thesquash61 Because u can make money if a lot of people watch your videos…. obviously you know nothing about ad revenue and cost per clicks. This is a great video even though it’s not exactly what I am looking for.

  • benymak:

    Think you are missing church buddy. Run to your lord almighty. Baaahhh

  • GiordanoPlastering:

    Hey kirk, thanks for the tips. By the way you have a really cool name.
    Yes I am available depending on where you live. You can reach me at 510 521-9546. The negative comments are usually only on this particular video because it was one of our first videos and we didn’t realize the camera would pick up so much of the outside traffic.
    Best wishes, kirk Giordano plastering

  • kirkmanjames:

    Great Video – ! Thank you for sharing your expertise… Are you available for consultations? I have numerous small repairs that need to be done at my house, and I would love to learn to do them myself, simply for the sake of personal satisfaction. Keep doing what your doing with these videos and ignore the negative comments – By creating these videos your are establishing your expertise with potential customers like me..!

  • GiordanoPlastering:

    Good point, however, I am showing our work ethics, It takes years to learn how to apply plaster. I am sure you make your trade look easy too, but the average person won’t be able to do it.
    Best wishes. kirk giordano Plastering

  • GiordanoPlastering:

    Hey guy, thanks for the compliment on the video, Your right also, grammar and spelling have never been one of my strengths.
    Good thing there is spell check otherwise no one would be able to read what the heck I am trying to explain.
    have a groovy day!
    kirk giordano plastering

  • assmunch42na:

    @GiordanoPlastering Great video. Definitely not a master at typing in English. God bless you!

  • GiordanoPlastering:

    Hi Squash, Your right, This economy is terrible and the sound on this video which was one of my first, does indeed suck. As far as tricks of the trade, I’ve met guys in my trade who still can’t plaster after years of practice. Anyone interested in how I apply my work ethic’s may view my work. Do I think they can achieve the same results? (N0). I’m also a expert with nun-chucks, guy’s watch me, but can’t master that either. I just make it look easy.
    Relax, and have a groovy day. Kirk Giordano

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