Exterior Painting

Tim Carter, of AsktheBuilder.com, demonstrates the appropriate way to paint a home.
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  • dw727263:

    Thanks ATB, all very helpful – liked the tip on paint selection!

  • partyongarth420:

    i was gonna say something negative at first but that was a good tip about not getting the wood to wet.. i probbably wouldnt have tthought of that and would have overdone it

  • uprrconductor1:

    i know you arent spraying here. ive been searching “back brushing” with no results. ive done three exteriors of my homes so far with proper prep and sprayed with a pro-grade sprayer. they have turned out pretty well, and the oldest one of 13 years is still looking good. what, when, where, and why do you back brush? thanks.

  • PimWarnars:

    where’s your amonia and sandpaper?

  • rnech:

    How common are the exterior paints with polyurethane in them? Does Valspar make this kind?

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Absolutely yes! Get the cover with 3/4-inch nap.

  • nadeem26:

    Can i use roller for exterior wall painting? its a brick wall i have not very smooth .thanxx

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Yes I would. Read the label of the finish paint can for primer recommendations.

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Please go to my website and read ALL of my Exterior Painting columns for your answers.

  • lifternate:

    Hi there – I’m going to paint my house that has steel siding – would you recommend the acrylic / polyeruthane paint for steel? Also, is there a special type of primer I should apply prior to painting? Thanks in advance -

  • enjoixander:

    LOL paint is “colored glue”. If I use the best colored glue the house won’t fall apart so easily either.

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Thanks Jackson! The best way you can help is to get out your video camera and do videos showing all the fine points of your painting experience. Leaving comments on other videos is not the best use of your talents. A single video could do a far better job of teaching. Tape 4 or 5 videos, load them to your channel for us to see. If you have some great painting tips, I will become a subscriber to your channel.

  • JacksonvillePainters:

    I am a re-paint specialist, so I hope I can help. They do not give enough room on this with the characters they allow so if you would like any free advice please contact me. This also goes outto askthebuilder. Take care

  • AsktheBuilder:

    I did post the advice at the other Exterior Painting video of mine.

  • AsktheBuilder:

    This is one of the rare times I advise to *carefully* use a pressure washer on a house. Hold the spray tip at a low angle to the wall – as if the wand is almost parallel to the wall. Once the loose paint is off, wash the house with soap and water like your car. Use a scrub brush on a pole. I really have had fantastic results from Weatherbeater ULTRA on my own home. You get it at Sears and it does not need a primer, except on that new stucco repair work.

  • sisdavid:

    I am painting my masonary, stucko house, but it already has paint on it. wouldn’t I just want to put some good oil base primer. and oil base paint on it. What kind of paint do you recomend? good idea on paint and paint brush.

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Do what the paint company says, *not* what some salesperson says who has little or no chemical background. Contact the paint company at their website or 1-800#.

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Why not use a special masonry paint or one that is a blend of urethane and 100% acrylic? PVA has been known for years as a lower-grade adhesive in paints.

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