Interior Painting Tips – Using a Roller

Tim Carter, of, demonstrates a few simple tricks when using a paint roller. Carter also talks about putting the right amount of paint on a wall surface.

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  • MrDjc1970:

    i rolled side to side and then up and down for 8 years and met an old school paint/dec like yourself and he showed me the W way of rolling and i must admit his method is really good also. i like your vid as its the way i am self taught but the W style is just as good. nice vid AsktheBuilder.

  • ironlungstoke:

    balancing that roller pole is everything people. the littlest pressure can mean the difference between an apprentices work and a journeymans work in no time.

  • MzYeLloWbUsRyDa:

    @moedem use a pole, use the cage with the metal on the side of the direction your rolling. Load your roller fully, not globbing. Start in the middle of the wall spreading paint up and down leaving 1/2 ft at the top and bottom. Back roll over that you just rolled out bringing the paint as close to the ceiling and floor as you can, then once more roll over it using even pressure to carry the paint evenly leaving no lines. Repeat until wall is covered!

  • AsktheBuilder:

    @moedem Use my method here and apply the paint heavier that you currently are.

  • moedem:

    help i get differant shades when sun shines on my paintwork..what to do?

  • AsktheBuilder:

    @mike82y Eat more Wheaties and spinach. :->

  • mike82y:

    rollers are heavy

  • AsktheBuilder:

    @bad4good100 Thanks very much. I’m just trying to share in the videos techniques that have worked well for me. Are there better ones? You bet. I’m hoping pro painters like you tape videos and send them to me so I can add them as Video Responses. Do that if you have a chance!

  • bad4good100:

    listen as a master painter i have to say i dont do everything just like his vids but out of all the vids i see online he knows what he is doing and i would listen to any tips he can give all painters like me always find somthing bad to say about other painters but hes ok long as he can cut without tape lol need to see more vids

  • TheWaqarpk:

    it is importent to put water????????????????????

  • AsktheBuilder:

    @AlayaCambata Yeah, that was a mistake. I’m going to reshoot this video in a month with a contrasting color. Then I’ll add it as a video response. When you see it done with contrasting colors, you won’t believe it. Then I’m going to demonstrate the proper amount of paint to leave on the wall.

  • AlayaCambata:

    Could you NOT use white on white?

  • tawkingjames79:

    And I garantee it, test it with a paint millage (thickness) gauge.

  • tawkingjames79:

    The reason the pros dont roll side to side; The first 2 to 3 feet the roller hits the wall will have the most paint on it, dip the roller again, now where you start at- same thing. You’re gunna have more paint in different areas. Start in the middle of the wall roll up then down and again, you will spread it consistently. The pros do it that way not because its faster, but because its consistent and I dont get called back to a job because the walls are light at the top and bottom.

  • kmerchant99:

    @shadesofperfection yea i deffintaly agree with you my dad and uncle have painted for over ten years with there own business and a few years own there own. i noticed he actaully had a decent paint to promar from sherim willams.

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Thanks for your comment. It’s always nice to get an opinion from a pro. The method I show is absolutely not the end-all and be-all method. It’s one that’s worked for me to blend and hide the grain produced by the knap on the roller. Using finishing strokes going about 90 degrees from the initial application direction does this. It’s not a fast method to apply paint, that’s for sure. But it does produce a remarkable coating. Try it once on just one wall and compare the results to your method.

  • shadesofperfection:

    Im a Benjamin Moore PDS painter and would not use this method. I roll from top to bottom and then back roll, while back rolling apply slight pressure to the leading end of the roller. Do this and you will have a even finish with no roller lines.

  • morthrop:

    URG! No WONDER my paint job looked poor. I painted up and down strokes and just pushed the roller hard against the wall. I never bothered to go sideways, never used the proper, even pressure on the roller. Thanks for this video, helped alot when I did it the second time around!

  • fabrosin:

    Thanks a lot for information on painting with rollers

  • 100eyes:

    at least he’s giving free advice instead of charging people by the hour.

  • thisisamovie:

    thank you so much

  • AsktheBuilder:

    Thanks! The pros who comment here fail to mention that I never said it was a faster method. What it does is blend the grain of the roller.

  • mccartl:

    I just did half of my daughter’s bedroom with this method and the other half with the conventional W method. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to use this technique if I painted for a living as it is a bit pokier but for an amateur like me who only paints every once in a while this is a godsend. Thanks for the advice and I’ll use this technique from here on in. Including the extra coat that I’ll have to do over the terrible job I did on the other walls.

  • MKUltraProject:


  • iGioAc22Milan:

    What would be the best color to paint your very dark basement?

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