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Hiring a Landscaping Contractor

The Trades Guild helps find landscape contractors. We have licensed, insured, pre-qualified landscapers nationwide to choose. Whether your looking for irrigation, tree removal and trimming, maintenance, yard coverings, and yard lighting. What ever your needs The Trades Guild can Help

Landscaping Contractors

Landscaping contractors maintain existing yards and also install new yard coverings, shrubbery, and irrigation. Landscaping companies are often called landscapers. Landscapers also design and install yard lighting and other yard decor. A landscaping contractor will help you plan, design, and implement your new yard landscaping. A good landscaper can also assist in land clearing and earth moving, depending on the level of expertise. Whether you’ve recently purchased a home or you just need to spruce up the yard a bit, hiring a professional landscaper is a smart decision. A good landscaping contractor can help with the design and planning of your yard project. Choosing the right plants and shrubbery for your environment is critical. Irrigation and water run off will all need to be considered.

Popular Landscaping Projects

Landscaping in general is decorating land. Typical residential or commercial property.

Most yards need a source of water. Irrigation is a way of supplying plants, shrubby, and grass the water they need to survive. Landscaping contractors will run irrigation lines (water lines) in and around the area, typically underground, and then attaching sprinklers in strategic areas to disburse the water.

Lot Clearing and Tree Removal
Hiring a landscaping contractor to remove unwanted trees and shrubbery from land.

Yard Maintenance
Landscaping contractors can handle the weekly chore of maintaining your yard. Cutting the grass, trimming the bushing, adjusting the sprinklers, and fertilizing will all need to be done.

Lighting and Design
Yard lighting and fountains are a way to enhance and beautify the yard. landscaping contractors can design and install lighting in and around the yard.

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