how important is landscaping when trying to sell a home?

My husband and I are disagreeing about this. One of us says that it’s not that important. If we make it great on the inside, they won’t care if we have pretty flowers and new mulch. The other one thinks that if the landscaping is not fairly updated (not spectacular, but nice mulch and a few flowers) that people will drive by and not want to come inside. What do you think? Is it that important? Also, are there any sites that tell you how much different improvements that you make to your house will increase it’s value?

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  • g g:

    very important – not only is it pleasing to the eyes – it shows an owner who has taken the time to take care of things and has personal pride in their belongings – that can be reflected in the home also – fresh paint, clean surroundings, clean rugs – all minor things repaired – can boost the overall value of the home – most persons like to move into a home with less work to start with – plus you might even be able to get more than you think for your home – good luck – best wishes to you and yours – these are all proven factors that help the home to sell itself!

  • hotlips0365:

    curb appeal is the first thing they see when looking at your home for sale – it’s how the gift is wrapped – so to speak.
    If it appeals to the eye on the first glance, then it’ll be more accepting to potential buyers. The charm on the inside is reflected by the charm on the outside.
    I wouldn’t consider looking at the inside if the outside was an eyesore….I’d think the inside was just as unpleasing as well.
    So, definately yes – the outside is just as important. Go to
    or even the HGTV website and find the curb appeal listing for ways people have improved the appearance on the outside to sell their homes.

  • TheOhiolutes25:

    Even a new house with a neglected yard looks trashy

  • Geri H:

    One of the first things potential buyers see is your yard. That first reaction is the most important.
    You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but some nice shrubs, a few flowers and trees can make a big big difference.l

  • anirbas:

    Invest time or money in weeding and freshening up the front of your house. Ask your real estate agent for brutal specifics.

    Pack up your house and remove toys and personal objects.

    Finish all unfinished projects and make sure that the entry way and front door are clean and welcoming. You have 15 seconds to make an impression.

    Here are the top 13 things you can do.
    Make an Entrance
    Conquer Clutter
    Make “Less is More” Your Mantra
    Float Furniture
    Mix It Up
    Rediscover “Lost” Spaces
    Let the Sun Shine In
    Light the Way
    Make a Splash with Color
    Paint It Black
    Make Your Art Sing
    Accessorize with Flair
    Bring the Outdoors In

  • curious:

    I just did a refinance on our house and an appraiser comes and goes over your house to see what the value of your home is for the lender. The only work we have done to our house is the landscaping and the value on our house has gone up 36 thousand dollars in the past two years. He told us that the landscaping gave the house such wonderful curb appeal that this house didn’t have before. It doesn’t take much to make the front of a home to look well maintained and appealing to the eye. Look around your neighborhood for idea’s that would look good on your property. Remember not to go to crazy though because you want a return on your investment. I think if you look on HGTV you might find some info about this subject.

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