Question re roofing which is less expensive having a metal roof put on or apply dimensional roofing?

we can put on the dimensional roofing hence no labor.We have a local company that makes the metal roofing and they would have to put it on.Which lasts longer.Pros and Cons Thanks in advance

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  • vadilal ice cream:

    you may use pvc roofing also

  • clcprodigy:

    If you know how to put on 3 tab shingles they will be a lot less trouble, Metal roofs are subject to many problems unless they are very expensive. I would say put on the roof shingle with a fiberglass core. Will give you a class a fire rating.

  • me:

    I had my roof replaced with 30 year, 5 tab architectural shingles.
    They are a major pain to keep clean, as are all asphalt shingles. If I
    had it to do over again I’d install a roof made of one of the newer
    composite materials (avoid metal – it dents, and is noisy in

    10-20 years is a long time to be looking at and maintaining the roof
    you install. For not much more money than asphalt, you can have a
    totally worry free roof that can easily be cleaned without voiding the
    warranty (The warranty on every major brand of asphalt shingles I
    looked at stated that evidence of power washing, and even the slight
    indentation made by simply walking on the roof voids the warranty.)

    If you spend an extra grand or so now, you won’t miss the money in the
    future, and you’ll have a roof that looks great and is easy to take
    care of. Look through the pro’s and cons are here for all types of roofing.

  • Big Deal Maker:

    The long answer…
    The 3 tab shingles are fairly thin, lightweight, single thickness and the “3 tab” element makes it so that an individual part of the shingle (one third) can be lifted by the wind without having to lift the entire shingle. All of those factors make a 3 tab shingle less desirable if you live in a high wind area.

    The basic material for the dimensional shingle is a little bit thicker. There are also extra pieces laminated on to each shingle to give it a thicker and more random look. Those extra pieces also add more weight and rigidity to the shingle. If the wind is going to lift the shingle, it has to blow hard enough to lift the entire shingle, because the shingle isn’t cut into individual 13″ long tabs. These are all the reasons why some insurance companies insist on the dimensional shingles.

    Most of the dimensional shingles are a rectangle, about the same size as the overall 3 tab shingles. They are installed the same. The basic asphalt material in the shingle is the same. There’s just more of it.

    I’m a strong believer in the benefits of the dimensional shingles. Aside from wind issues, the 3 tab shingle can be expected to last 20 years, but the dimensional shingle will go 25 years. The more expensive dimensional shingles may go 30 years. Some of them are rated as 40 year or 50 year shingles, but you would be wise not to expect more than 30 years.

    Metal Roofing.
    Very noisy during rainy seasons and hail blasts. Can last longer but the cost will not bring you any more value to the home.

  • MasterGardner:

    We just had steel roofing applied to our house roof – over the original shingled roof; that is the beauty of the steel roof. A big part of the renovation expense goes to removing the old shingled roof and having it hauled away. We didn’t have to do that with a steel roof. It saved time, mess and lots of money being able to leave the old roofing material underneath.

  • Fixit:

    If you would like to see 30 year old Galvalume roofs looking like new, go here:
    As far as which lasts longer, I could only answer that question if I knew where you live (on the coast of Oregon as opposed to Badlands, New Mexico), and exactly what product you are referring to. Not all shingles or metal roofing is created equal. There are many manufacturing processes and coating. Some designed to last long, while others are designed to look good for a few years and then rot away. Some will even last several lifetimes, as in the case of copper roofing (yes, copper is a metal). You must ask yourself these questions:
    1. What is the VERIFIABLE lifetime expectancy of the product. Not just what the manufacturer claims, but the real lifetime expectancy.
    2. What is the true cost per year when the cost is amortized over the life of the product
    3. How much longer will I be living in this home
    4. How much longer will I be living.

  • Drewfuss:

    the old standard standing seam metal roofs were supposed to last of 100 years. today it would be very costly to get one of those. there are a lot of modern metal roofs some better than others, but all expensive. If you can put on an ashpalt shingle roof yourself, and they can last from 10 to 30 years, I would think that would be the best value.

  • Ginger:

    The metal roof may help with your homeowners insurance, because if the roof blows off, the whole house goes with it. Also, there is a seamless and one with rivets. Go with the seamless, because the rivets will eventually rust and the seal will crack, and they’ll all have to be replaced. I have a new metal roof, and I love it. I can spot my house from google earth.


    truth; all man made roofing materials lie. if you really want a man made temporary roof i’d suggest shingles over metal in a heartbeat. their marketing and warranties are both written by spin artists. at least we’ve been using shingles long enough to have an accurate understanding of how long they last. metal roofs are failing in ten years on average here in south florida and so are shingles only shingles are half the cost. the downside is that asphalt roofs are clogging up our landfills and furthering our foreign oil dependency. good luck oh and stay away from pvc

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