Md Roof Fix: Shingle “Blowoff” Repair in Waldorf Md 20603 One more Property Restorations video clip displaying how incorrect nailing by the homebuilder sooner or later resulted in wind injury to a customer’s roof in Waldorf, Maryland. Improper nailing by inexperienced roofers virtually always outcomes in unexpected injury. House Restorations ( explains how utilizing correct nailing tactics and substantial quality sealant, like Geocel Tripolymer, we restore and increase the current roofing program. Numerous roofing companies would advocate a new roof in this scenario however Property Restorations has put the customer in a position to repair the roof so it will final several a lot more years and conserve the property owner Thousands of Bucks in needless roofing expenses. Remain tuned for video clip component two, which will present the real facts of the shingle roof fix, or come see us at http

12 Responses to “Md Roof Fix: Shingle “Blowoff” Repair in Waldorf Md 20603”

  • MdRoofingServices:

    Yes, that’s right Bill, but in this case the repair cost much less than the homeowner’s deductible, which was $1,000.

    However, the next time around, he may have a case — since his existing shingles — Certainteed’s Horizon Shangles — have been discontinued and new repair shingles will NOT match.

    Great tip!

    -Bill T-

  • Bill Coffman:

    There is an excellent chance that this roof is covered by homeowner’s insurance. While the shingles may not be nailed properly, the cause of the loss is wind and wind is a covered cause of loss.
    Teaching Homeowner’s How To Maximize their Claim

  • juanjohnism:

    They are not professionalk. I contacted them twice on the internet and thewy never contacted me for an inspection.It seems like a pick my own job company

  • AlvaroRodriguez1969:

    tell the home owner that he needs a new roof he my go for it

  • MdRoofingServices:

    Thanks, Nellie, for the nice comments,

    -Bill T-

  • MdRoofingServices:

    I’m glad to see there are some good ones out there!

    -Bill T-

  • thenellie4:

    Thanks for this – very helpful for a DIY’er!

  • TheDaldi8800:

    look this vid : “THE REAL ROOFER ”

    click on the first vid

    have fun

  • Bill Thomas:

    Yes,the shingles were probably very hot, but the nails are NOT close enough and don’t penetrate the shingle directly below it.

    Typical speed nailing from a builder’s subcontractor.

    That Horizon Shingle has been discontinued too … way to go Certainteed … leaving millions of customers out there with no replacements available … for a shingle known for it’s “blow offs” and cracking. Screwed again by the manufacturers. Nice!

  • MdRoofingServices:

     Problem? We are fixing the workmanship issues and exposing the lousy roof work with a video. Where’s the problem with that? Now the customer is truly informed.

    Number one, he needs the leak fixed right away. If he wants to persue the builder with a lawsuit, now he has some ammo. Good luck with that, though.

    Part of our service is to stick down the loose tabs with Geocel. It’s up to the customer to decide where to go from there now that they’re informed.

    -Bill T-

  • DaShadowInc:

    the only problem with your service you offer is covering up the workmanship of the lousy company that did the job in the first place. Lawsuits don’t pay just lawyers in most cases they pay lawyers aswell as maybe getting another roof installed with you doing the work properly. Unless you are lifting every tab on the roof up and regluein them down how do you know for sure the entire issue is fixed.
    $40 is all it costs me to have 5 shingles replaced

  • pjfitzinc:

    Great video!

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