Md Roof Repair: Roofer Replaces Shingles in Gaithersburg Md What is your very first believed when you look out into your front yard and you see torn shingles laying in the grass? Are they mine? Boy, I hope they are not mine. Then you look up on your roof only to see a bare spot with shingles flapping in the wind. Then you appear all around the neighborhood and see that a lot of families are acquiring exactly the same difficulty. “Well, we reside in a windy region,” you cause. Actually, when many roofs in your subdivision are losing shingles, it’s generally a outcome of the builder’s roofer producing a mistake of some variety, and from my 33 years of inspecting and repairing roofs in Maryland — it typically impacts practically every single residence in the neighborhood. Watch this video and you will see a number of of the most frequent errors roofers make typically resulting in some high-priced repairs for you — the house owner. The good news is, we supply a service in Maryland we call our “7 Roof Repair”, which inexpensively solves your roofing difficulties ahead of they turn out to be significant. You can check out the particulars here I’ve been told the most precious part of the service is the truth that we post ahead of, in the course of, and after photos online so that our buyers can see what was truly completed, as promised. Very comforting. No a single else in our area does anything like this.

11 Responses to “Md Roof Repair: Roofer Replaces Shingles in Gaithersburg Md”

  • sprayfoamroofs:

    Very nice demonstration.

  • 2miangels:


  • MdRoofingServices:

    Yeah, you guys have a lot more heat to contend with, and I bet the older OSB has turned to sawdust by now . . .

    In this subdivision you’re looking at, half of the roofs were done with staples, the other half with pneumatic nails. The OSB was actually half decent.

    Some of the areas we’ve been in the OSB had never been directly exposed to the weather and was just “gone.” Different quality points, for sure . . .

    When I do repairs I always use CDX plywood so I can sleep at nght.


  • mr1nutwonder:

    @MdRoofingServices, I always found staples work better with OSB chip board. nails just seem to blow holes into the material, the main reason for over driven nails, or blow through’s. OSB, as shingles are just trash being used for building materials. out west here in calif, heat, the sun, and pollution, play hell with asphalt shingles.

  • MdRoofingServices:

    All of the shingles I’ve renailed in this neighborhood are holding just fine. The shingles are only nine years old — I know, sometimes 25 year shingles don’t last that long . . .

    Most of the nails were “blown through” during installation; the ones that were nailed properly (about 40%) are holding OK.

    I like what you commented on — it does happen . . .

    -Bill T-

  • MdRoofingServices:

    Sometimes I wonder about that. I think in our state it’s because roofing contractors don’t have to have the same licensing — in fact none at all — to do the work.

    That usually means that even the “minimum standards” required by licensing don’t even come into play.

    -Bill T-

  • mr1nutwonder:

    their old dry shingles. heat from the nail in the summer time, eats right through the shingle. shingles are trash.

  • brokenarrow2222:

    majority of the builders are idiots and have no business building a house.

  • MdRoofingServices:

    Sorry, Bob G, we’re a local company in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, D.C. Good luck, and try to find a contractor that uses before, during, and after pictures as part of their package.

    Bill T.

  • bobg3rd:

    Great information. Do you do work in Brookings, Oregon?

  • SouthernRockDude:

    Thanks for the informative video. The only thing that makes me mad is that I paid $932 for the exact same service you’re doing in this video.

    Well, at least I understand what’s causing all of the blow offs, and now I’m eaven madder!

    I will be calling you for my next repair and recommending you to all my friends and coworkers.

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