The People’s Court- “Being Impatient” [Barn re-roofing deal collapses!]

25 Responses to “The People’s Court- “Being Impatient” [Barn re-roofing deal collapses!]”

  • allstarjerseyshop:

    did she say black cock?

  • MsTamTam55:

    What a shyster the defendant is.

  • stikitape214:

    ‘differance’ ?? and you’re still trying to convince me you can spell??
    plus its not like ‘ov’ is so much easier to type than ‘of’ its not like using a ‘u’ instead of a ‘you’
    so you FAIL

  • juedrop11:

    @stikitape214 ever heard” ov” shorthand?? they’res a differance from short hand/text and not being able to spell!!!!DOH!!!!!

  • stikitape214:

    coming from someone who spelled ‘of’ with a ‘v’, not just once but 4 times ????? O_O

  • chicken4247:

    @juedrop11 funny how much i pissed you off isnt it lol ur a joke

  • juedrop11:

    @chicken4247 hahaaaaaaaaaa i need to get educated?u cant even spell video hahaa ur funny might want to think about u getting a girlfriend instead ov the obsession with horses it really isnt healthy n def not normal u really should get a life horses?what are u a girl?well i no ur not cus ive seen the picture if u with ur handbag hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • juedrop11:

    @chicken4247 haha first ov all spell video we can obviously tell u aint english or cant speak the queens english n 2nd i aint no “coon” u racist mamas boy im an white english n proud christian girl n whose the sad one????u replied to me first!!!! keep dreaming ov ur super cars that u will never get u saddo n get bak to ur robin reliant iv got to much ov a life to entertain u loser haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • chicken4247:

    @juedrop11 you went as far as watching my vedio and talking shit there too hahah what a sad coon now i know i REALLY pissed you off lmfaooo

  • chicken4247:

    @juedrop11 lol 1st of all im not angry all i said is keep talking shit and u are lookslike i hit a nerve again.. 2nd i dont want a horse but i do like horses 3rd if u were educated you would know that horses are very smart animals and without them mankind would have made progress much slower :) fool.

  • juedrop11:

    @chicken4247 i will!!! cus u obviously like listening to it..let me guess…..u either got a horse,,,want a horse or got a face like one!!! ive DEF hit a nerve cus i aint no einstein but with a name like chicken u must b an animal lover or it could be ur actual name!!! jeeeze,, i bet u got sum shit at school just hope it wasnt ur christian name u poor sod ,cud explain why ur sooooo angry haha u really should try to just chill

  • chicken4247:

    @juedrop11 keep talking shit :)

  • juedrop11:

    OH GOD i cnt stsnd horse people! infact extreme animal lovers drive me crazy n horse ones r the worse, whilst im driving they expect me to crawl past them slow n quietly !! with a big hairy arse in front ov me, and the horses arse aint that cute either,lol,,, they take over the road,they stink,theyre useless snobby animals and owners,got a couple at the end ov my road oh and they crap HUGE piles anywhere n everywhere n owners dnt pick it up,but if u have a dog u do,horse burgers thumbs up????

  • stewartx5:

    The defendant still lost heavily in all this. Like any small business, he has a fixed amount of money to front materials, tools, equipment, employees, and similar for all jobs during a given season. The plaintiff’s delays deprived him of a significant portion of that which obviously could have been used for other jobs. Instead, he lost those jobs, and those profits (been there, done that). I hope the “nice” deadbeat plaintiff is satisfied with her crappy business integrity.

  • 123456789mischief:

    @LonerlovezL she talks to you not down at you like the jj does. I agree with you.

  • LonerlovezL:

    Its JM’s humanity and heart that makes her WAY better than JJ. In my opinion.

  • PsychicRogue:

    It’s too bad that they lost their materials because she neglected to pick up the mail…Hopefully she learns her lesson. And those kids outfits were yucky!

  • weirdguy75:

    40 grand. Man could I use that right now.

  • eldubya2010:

    P is completely unreasonable.

  • bboots100:

    If the Defendant tried calling a couple of times, as he says, because he urgently needed to get hold on the Plaintiff about her roofing materials, then how about leaving a message that says that. I’m sure the Plaintiff has an answering machine, since she runs a business.

  • platinumpinkice:

    the plantiff let her kids out the house looking like that? lmfao! riddddddiculous!

  • soxbox1:

    In a world of me,me,me, gimme, gimme,gimme, won’t work but gimme welfare it’s heart warming that a community came together to raise money for that roof. Nice case.

  • remembawhen:

    @adam3251 W O W

  • mrbluenun:

    This case reallyu is horse shit!
    There is no way he gave anyone a “deal”! It just does not happen. Why would a bisinessman give a cut price to anyone, when it may have been the first sale you made for a year?

    Another point. That was the easiest and cheapest roofing to make from sheet metal. It takes almost no making and to make a new roof, or more correctly a roof covering would take a day, no longer! The critical parts are the gutter and the Eaves, the bit between needs no making.

  • hackajim:

    i think the defendants wife ATE the money…..

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