What should I ask roofing companies during quotes?

What should be the smart questions to ask a roofing company when getting quotes for a full roof replacement job? I want to protect my interest and weed out the shady companies.

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  • tammy g:

    do some research before hiring anyone,also call the beter business bureas when you are deciding on someone to see if they have any complaints.always find out how long theve been in business and if you get a warranty.and never ever pay full price before job is done,some may ask for deposit,to buy materials.good luck

  • Michael H:

    References, most definitely ask for 5 of them from every co. that gives you a estimate and you go and look at their workmanship and talk to the homeowner that owns the home your looking at.Then you can make up your mind and feel good about your decision.

  • split dog:

    Ask for an itemized estimate.
    There will be differences in price based on Mfr & quality of roofing material which should be the only thing that might change.
    The other cost items are….
    Removal of existing shingle if necessary.
    Disposal of old roofing material.
    Installation of new roofing material per sq ft
    Ancillary work such as replacement of drip edge,reflashing around chimneys& vents ,upgrading frost barrier.
    Replacing if reqd or aluminum wrapping of rake boards , fascia boards & soffits.
    Might as well request w new as well as pricing for replacement of existing vents w/ new vents or ridge vent.
    Contingency allowance for any patching of any damaged sheeting sheeting disiscovered roofing work per sq ft.
    House & shrub protection, debris removal & cleanup.
    Mfrs & contractor’s warranty in writing.
    Try to give them a place to start by selecting a mfr & grade of roofing matl at a home ctr.
    A “scope of work” will help narrow down the spread in bids
    since the contractors will be bidding “apples to apples”
    Even though you issue a scope ask for references &
    suggestions that might save money in the long run.
    Avoid a one line price unless the contractor lists the line items in writing & agrees to ado all the work.
    Best regards

  • Go 24! JG is Awesome!:

    2 important things. Definately ask for some references…You want to make sure you are getting a good reputable company. Also…Find out if he is going to be there or if he has workers! We had that happen to us once with a carpet company. The guy sounded like he was the one doing the job, then when it was time to do the job…It was some teenage guys who didn’t really care and I ended up having to have them come back a bunch of times to fix mistakes. Also, make sure they are only going to be doing one job, and aren’t working on other projects that could delay yours for some reason..Lastly, make sure you don’t pay everything up front. Paying for some materials is one thing, but he shouldn’t get a profit until he is done with the job. Hope that helped.

  • John himself:

    All the good answers you got. Also ask about a warranty, guarantee. Make them spell out the guarantee and ask for it in writing before they get the job. Before they deliver any material or even a dumpster. Many roofers are fly by night crooks. Be careful.

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