Is my landlord in the right regarding repairs in our house?

I rented this house and after signing the year lease, he told me that the ac doesnt work. Then he tells me we cannot put in window units b/c they could crack the cheap vinyl windows. Then we had to fix all the plumbing b/c of leaks, and slow drains. He will not reimburse for any work done, and says he is giving us a break on our second dog, b/c he charges $50.00 a pet. Second dog is a chi/ boston ter mix. Now the ceiling fan in my sons room is smoking and sparking. I am afraid its going to catch fire again. He said he will not replace it, just dont use it.

Does it sound like i have a slum lord, and what steps can i do to protect my deposit?

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  • joe bloe:

    Read your lease agreement and your local renting laws. In most cases you have the right to withhold rent in the amount of the repairs you did. In some places where its really hot you have the right to have functioning AC in your place.

  • gilliegrrrl:

    Oh, he sounds like a slum lord to me…Document absolutely everything, including taking pictures and copying any documentation he provides you. Make him give you all his refusals for reimbursement and repairs in writing. You may try to contact your local Fair Employment and Housing department and see if there’s anything they can suggest as well. Offer to pay for the second dog so that he doesn’t have that as an excuse not to make repairs. You may actually have grounds to break the lease, depending on exactly what it says as far as responsibilities for repairs go. He sounds like a really shady character, so I wouldn’t get really attached to getting your deposit back.

  • Luchador:

    The first rule any disagreement with the landlord is looked at your lease. If the least says there is a special cost for dogs then that is the cost for dogs.
    General repairs for an apartment is the responsibility of the landlord. Under law you usually can withhold rent until repairs are made however once repairs are made all back rent is due, so it is a good idea to put away the monthly rent in a separate account so you can show the judge that you have the money to pay the rent and Casey takes you to court.

    I would go to legal aid and get some assistance about these issues. They will help you find out where to go.
    Good luck

  • Tom:

    You are not protecting your deposit. You are protecting you rlife and those of your family. There is a government agency dealing with renters’ advocacy somewhere in your area, I will almost guarantee. If not, there is a State agency. Find them and contact them.

    Catch fire AGAIN??????

  • cell4168:

    thats a tough one because if it doesnt say it in the lease he doesnt have to provide stuff like the fan,but he may have to bring his house up to code if you contact the local health department,they will come and inspect the house for free in most cases.although if it doenst say you cant put in ac units then you can as long as you are responsible for the damage they may incure on his property,now that you said something to him when you move out he will check for that and if it is damaged you may be taken to court for new windows. but as far as the plumbing,if it wasnt working then he is responsible,if you repaired it though already then you may have no case.and as far as the pet goes,if it says it in the lease about the charges for extra pets then he has the right to up it,but if it doesnt and you are listed on there as having the pet with the current lease he doesnt have a case.–ex mine says 2 occupants and 3 dogs,even though i have a min pin and 2 labs,they are not listed, so if one dies i can get like a great dane if i not that i would but they are not listed individually.

    but yeah id call the local health dept and ask them to check out your electric to see if its up to code, not worth risking your life.

  • Mark H:

    Read your lease. Almost all of the repairs sound like “tentantable” repairs.

  • Hillary:

    First, file a complaint. Call the city and file a complaint, then present a list in writing — to him and to the city — of what needs to be fixed in that house. If he tries to hold your deposit, that’s retaliatory and you can file another complaint, even a lawsuit for harassment.

    Then move out. This guy is worse than a slum lord and you are entitled to be reinbursed for everything that you fixed — it’s his responsibility, not yours, to fix all of the plumbing, not to mention the electrical problems. You need to move out and sue the bastard for it.

    Go back and look at your lease, if it has anything about working air conditioning, then his telling you AFTER you signed that it wasn’t working meant he needs to fix it. Basically that lease is what defines your relationship with the slum lord — if it says its a problem he needs to fix, then he is LEGALLY responsible for fixing it, period. If it says you have to pay $50 per dog, then you have to, period.

    He doesn’t have the option of just forcing you to not use a ceiling fan, particularly if he’s not fixing the a/c. And even if you stop using it, how will that guarantee it won’t catch fire? You should have filed a complaint with the city housing department the second he told you to not use an a/c after signing the lease, and again after ANYTHING caught fire. That’s a total fire hazard, and he needs to be sued — before you sue him for the wrongful death of someone in that house due to fire.

  • Homeless in Phoenix:

    Depends what your responsible for according to the lease.

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